My name is Jed Wells.

I am a creative person. I’m glad you stumbled on my portfolio site and I hope you see something you like.

I am a freelance Filmmaker, Photographer and Graphic Designer. I live in Utah with my wife and 3 kids. I have a BFA in Photography, but who really cares anymore what kind of degree you have?

I’ve worked in several different capacities within several creative disciplines, from Photographer’s Assistant to a corporate Graphic Designer to the Director of a feature film.

I know that chances are slim to none that you’re still reading this far, but I’m more interested right now in having this solid column of text on the left side of the page. A few more lines should do it for this paragraph and then we’ll move on to the last.

Please take a minute to browse my portfolios. Remember, I am a creative for hire, so if you have a project and you think we could work together in harmony, contact me and let’s make it happen. Thanks, again, for stopping by.